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Toolkits and Other Tools

Justice In June

Are you the type of person that is motivated by a schedule?  Check out Justice In June which lays out activities for becoming a better ally each day. 

97 Things White People Can do For Racial Justice

Activities you can do to create a more just world

Save the Tears: White Woman's Guide

Books, actions, questions to ask yourself, and more

Showing Up for Racial Justice's Educational Toolkits

Think critically about Racism, Whiteness & Class

Changing How Race is Portrayed in Medical Education

State and Local Efforts to Declare Racism a Public Health Crisis

Changing How Race is Portrayed in Medical Education

Recommendations from Medical Students

Jenna Arnold's Resources

Who to follow, kids reads, events, and more

Rachel Ricketts' Anti Racism Resources

Workshops, buy BIPOC, and more

ZINN Education Project

Teaching People's History, find lessons by grade level, theme, and more

Black History Month

Free library that fills you in on history you should know

The Opportunity Agenda

Transforming the police System

Talking About Race Portal

Helps families and individuals learn to talk about race

Equal Treatment

Medical education tools to create equal, unbiased health outcomes

Anguish And Action

Started by President Obama, this initiative works to break down barriers and expand opportunities for boys and young men of color. 

Institute for Healing and Justice in Medicine

Working towards the abolition of biological race in medicine and public health

Why is this happening? An introduction to police brutality

100-year Hoodie breaks down the history of police with videos, stories, and lessons

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