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We are nurses, doctors, public health workers, and health professionals from all across the state of Wisconsin.  We united to advocate for climate action because of climate change's far-reaching and detrimental health impacts. We uphold the values that guide all health professionals: compassionate care, preventing illness, and promoting physical, mental, and social well-being.



Healthy Climate Wisconsin (formerly known as the Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action) is committed to communicating that the global climate crisis is a public health emergency, and advocating for equitable solutions to decrease the impact of climate change on human health. We share climate health resources, educate, network, empower our members to advocate for their communities' health, and catalyze the transition to climate-smart healthcare in Wisconsin.   Check out our current projects to learn more.


  • Health First: The health and well-being of people, primarily those most vulnerable to climate change, is always our first priority.

  • Data-driven and Outcome Oriented: We’re here to get things done in building a healthier more just world. That means using the best data, being efficient with time, and focusing on efforts that work.

  • Empowerment: People are the power that drive the changes we seek. We empower our member health professionals in the skills of participatory democracy, training them to lead and organize their communities.

  • Justice and Equity: We prioritize efforts to protect and improve the health of the BIPOC and other marginalized communities who are both currently suffering the most from carbon pollution and are the most threatened by climate change.

  • Prioritize Relationship Building: Relationships are the foundation upon which we take collective action to make our communities safer and healthier.

  • Non-Partisan: While we engage to advance policy, we develop relationships with anyone willing to advance the cause of climate health justice.

 WHPCA relies on data, science, and reputable sources to support climate related statements and actions. 

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