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Joint Commission Action Alert

The Joint Commission, which accredits most US hospitals, proposed including sustainability in its accreditation criteria. This is a game-changer that would nudge hospitals into improving their environmental impact. It is also significant because the Joint Commission historically has required that hospitals employ wasteful practices, often without evidence to support such requirements.

It is essential that healthcare providers voice their support for these initiatives by the Joint Commission, as some in the industry have been providing negative feedback. In fact, the Joint Commission recently rescinded its plan to require hospitals to take sustainability measures. We must lift our voices to let them know that climate action cannot wait. 

Choose an option on the right to raise your voice. Comments are due May 3. 

As a healthcare professional or health industry worker, your voice matters when it comes to climate-smart healthcare. Sign our letter as an individual to lift our message to the Joint Commission: the proposed requirements cannot be optional, and climate action cannot wait. 

Deadline: May 2nd


Join the nearly 30 organizations from around the nation that have signed on to the organizational letter. 

Deadline: May 2nd

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If you would like to submit your own comments on the proposed requirements directly to the Joint commission, click the image below. If you would like to read survey comments drafted by experts, please follow this link.

Deadline: May 3rd, EOD

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