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Solutions for Pollution

Black, Brown, Native, or newcomer, all Wisconsinites deserve clean air. Together we are advancing our nation's bedrock environmental laws, such as the Clean Air Act, to protect public health and build a future where all can thrive.  

The EPA is currently seeking public input on several safeguards. Fossil fuel corporations are launching lobbying and media campaigns against these protections, so it is important that they hear from real Wisconsinites and health professionals. We all have a story to tell-click on the safeguard to learn more and share your concerns about health equity and climate. 

Make Your Voice Heard for Climate & Health Equity


Power Plant Carbon Pollution Safeguard

By 2030, this plan could prevent more than 300,000 asthma attacks.


Tailpipe Pollution Limits

The transportation sector accounts for 27% of U.S. emissions. This safeguard could change that. 

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Do You Lead An Organization, Group, Medical Society, or Business

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The EPA relies on outside expertise from scientific, medical, and community organizations to guide their proposals. Make sure your members and supporters are represented. 

Our voices are louder together. Use your shared platform to send a support letter for strong environmental protections, or join onto ours. 

Change Happens When We Share What We Care About With Others

Spread the word by talking to a friend, emailing a colleague, or sharing a social media post with a neighbor. Or, get your creative juices flowing by writing an op-ed, shooting a video with your story, speaking on our press team, & more. Click on the toolkit below to get started. 

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Contains a 2 page handout, example social posts, graphics, op-ed guidance, and information for joining our press or speaking team. 

Need Inspiration?


Change Happens When We Share What We Care About With Others

See some examples of how Healthy Climate Wisconsin members are taking action

Nurse Lillian Jensen called upon the EPA to ensure climate pollution safeguards are as strong as they can be to tackle the climate crisis and protect the health of Wisconsinites, especially those living in frontline communities that suffer the greatest harm from climate pollution.

Occupational therapist, Kelly DeMarco, shares how cleaner car safeguards from the EPA could benefit health- including the well-being of her daughter who recently developed asthma. 

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