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Climate-Smart Healthcare


Guides, videos, and educational information to help you launch your Climate-Smart Healthcare journey. Click the icons below or scroll to continue.

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What is climate-
smart healthcare?

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How are climate and healthcare connected?

What are the health
harms for Wisconsin?

Medical Alert, Climate Change Health

Harms for Wisconsinites include heat-related illness, worsening chronic illnesses, injuries and deaths from dangerous weather events, infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks, illnesses from contaminated food and water, and mental health problems.

The health of anyone  can be harmed by climate change, but some of us face greater risk than others. Children, athletes, pregnant women, the elderly, some communities of color, people with chronic illnesses and allergies, and the poor are more likely to be harmed.

Climate action, such as clean energy can also provide immediate health benefits for Wisconsin communities. 100% in-state clean energy production would prevent the following incidents of illness in Wisconsin each year: 1,910 premature deaths 650 respiratory ER visits 1,580 cases of acute bronchitis 49,400 respiratory symptom cases 873,000 minor restricted activity days 148,000 work loss days 34,400 cases of asthma exacerbation 670 hospital admissions 650 heart attacks. These avoided health damages cost us an estimated $21 billion annually. 

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Join HCW's Climate-Smart Healthcare Team

Our group meets virtually once a month to push forward climate-smart efforts.  We help Wisconsin’s health systems become world-leaders in providing carbon-free care, improve the climate-resiliency of their operations, and help their communities adapt to climate change. Additionally, we engage health system leaders to support critical climate policies. 

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Start a Green Team

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The Climate-Smart Healthcare toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for organizing a Green Team in your hospital or healthcare system. It also offers specific resources to analyze your carbon footprint and identify areas of need that may help guide sustainability projects. 

Access the toolkit HERE >>>



More guides for
getting started

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Our team of health professionals, CEOs, medical experts, and engineers can help answer your questions, share other resources, or steer you in the right direction. Just ask your question and we will get back to you soon!

Questions about the Climate-Smart team? Email our Climate-Smart Program Coordinator directly at:

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Get assistance from national experts

These groups can provide you with further resources, advising, and information to help you reach your system's climate-smart goals. 

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