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WHPCA in Action

Our 2020 Accomplishments!

We Testified

Our health professionals presented testimony on:

  • EPA Ozone Standards

  • EPA Particulate Matter Standards

  • Enbridge Line 5

  • Governor's Task Force on Climate Change 

We Met With Our 

In one-on-one virtual meetings

We Registered Voters & Did Voter Outreach


  • Sharing WHPCA VOTES graphics

  • Collaborating with Vot-ER

  • Peer-to-Peer Texting

  • A registration challenge

  • Creating 4 'Health Voices' videos

  • Co-hosting a candidate forum

We Created Resources 
  • Outreach To Candidates: A Guide

  • Protecting Health: A Climate Policy

  • Climate and Health Questions for Candidates

We messaged over
Advocacy Highlights:
climate champ.png
Our team has accomplished press-hits in newspapers, podcasts, and magazines around Wisconsin
Published op-eds or letters to the editor
Articles solely about our projects
Featuring climate & health quotes from our members
Members of our team have written and helped pass three climate resolutions by health professional societies in our state and two on the national level – notably:
  • The Wisconsin Medical Society (>10,000 members), authored by Joel Charles

  • The Wisconsin Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics (>900 members), authored by Andrew Lewandowski

  • The American College of Emergency Physicians - Wisconsin Chapter (WACEP, >500 members), co-authored by Caitlin Rublee

  • The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (>6,000 members), co-authored by Caitlin Rublee

  • The National American College of Emergency Physicians (>38,000 members), co-authored by Caitlin Rublee

Our members published
peer-reviewed papers on climate and health. 
We won awards for our climate and health work individually and as a team
WHPCA was chosen as a Dane County Climate Champion
of our members were Consortium on Climate & Health champions of the month
Claire Gervais received a Jeffery Patterson-Mary Doherty Award

​Our report release had           registrants,          attendees, and was in the news      times.


Almost immediately, Montana health professionals contacted us for advice on replicating a similar webinar event for the release of their report. Then, Washington state met with us for permission to utilize portions of our text verbatim and for guidance in crafting a report for their state.

South Oak Creek Coal Plant to Be Retired

WEC Energy Group announced plans to retire 1400 MW of coal and 400 MW of gas by 2025, starting with the South Oak Creek coal plant. WEC's plans include investments in 800 MW of solar, 600 MW of battery storage, and 100 MW of wind.

This announcement was the result of years of hard work led by the Clean Power Coalition of Southeast Wisconsin. WHPCA is proud to be a supporting member of such a powerful coalition fighting for clean water, air, and climate justice. This is a victory for health that will be felt by all of us, and for generations to come. Find out more about what this closure means for Wisconsin with this 
video press release or read more about it here. 


Energy Efficiency Consultation

We collaborated with RENEW and health groups to file a Letter of the Support to the PSC on this energy project. Our letter and the health argument for clean energy was then referenced by commissioners as part of their decision justification, and was mentioned in the press.


Paris Solar Project Approved
We Signed-On, Submitted Letters, &/or Formal Comments on Several Key Issues

Hired a Director!
We Became a Nonprofit!
Launched a Website!
Formed 5 Committees!
Began a Monthly Newsletter!
WHPCA's Students Presented Climate & Health Research
Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 4.50.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-20 at 5.12.00 PM.png
Key policy makers and officials have noted the climate health voice in Wisconsin. For instance,  after many of our health professionals testified and collaborated with various Climate Task Force Committees, the Governor's Task Force Report on Climate Change featured pictures of our organization’s health professionals on the second page, a full page of quotes from them on climate health, and the document as a whole mentions health as reasoning for policy on 64 of it’s 120 pages.

We managed to do all of this in 2020

We can't wait to see what we can do in 2021!

During COVID and the most demanding year of most of our health professional's entire careers.
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