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Laura Lane, JD

Communications Coordinator

As the communications coordinator, Laura helps uplift health professionals’ voices in the effort to improve public health and limit climate change as quickly as possible. She works on the Solutions for Pollution and Climate Wins Here campaigns, both of which focus on the passage of ambitious federal climate policy and pollution safeguards that are centered on health and justice. Laura studied law at the University of Colorado and passed the Wisconsin bar in 1999. After her children were born, she became a freelance journalist. She specializes in writing for children, and her work has appeared in national magazines, including Highlights and Ask. She has written five books for children, most recently a field guide that helps kids identify 100 butterflies from around the world. She was invited to read her essay, “Pond Skating,” on Wisconsin Public Radio, and she has also been a guest on the station’s The Morning Show. She is a passionate volunteer for the Wisconsin Sierra Club and served as the organization’s chair for two years.


Laura Lane, JD
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