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Governor's Task Force on Climate Change

Huge WHPCA turn-out to testify at the Governor's Task Force on Climate Change brings a climate health to the forefront.

We are so proud of all of our members who recently testified: Richard Dart, Brittany Keyes, Michael Hii, Chirantan Mukhopadyay, Sarah Webber, Valerie Peterson, Edith McFadden, William Deshur, Jeff Huebner, Claire Gervais, Joel Charles, Christine Johnstad, Audrey Van Dyke, Victoria Gillet, Brandon Kim, Jessica LeClair, Jed Downs, Trudy Watt, Pamela Guthman, Abby Lois, Chirtantan Mukhopadyay, Annalise Panthofer, and Caitlin Rublee

Their work brought climate and health into public discussion and some of our speakers, such as Dr. Victoria Gillet, were featured in the news- "How Should Wisconsin Tackle Climate Change? Governor's Task Force Wants Your Input.

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