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Truck pollution



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to strengthen pollution limits on greenhouse gas emissions from heavy duty vehicles, including delivery trucks, refuse haulers, public utility trucks, transit buses, shuttle buses, school buses, and tractors.  The agency’s proposal builds on current greenhouse gas emissions limits for heavy-duty vehicles, making the standards more stringent for new heavy-duty vehicles starting in Model Year 2027. The limits would get tighter every year through Model Year 2032.

The EPA’s current proposal is a good start, but federal and manufacturer investments and state policies like the Advanced Clean Trucks rule all support the EPA enacting more stringent pollution limits than what is in its current proposal. The vehicle emissions safeguards must require tighter limits on diesel vehicles generally so that diesel trucks become increasingly cleaner as manufacturers transition to zero pollution vehicles. Health professionals must ask the EPA to enact the strongest possible safeguards to clean up deadly truck pollution, improve public health, and limit catastrophic climate change.  The EPA is accepting comments until June 16.

What can you ask for?

Ask the EPA to finalize the strongest possible pollution safeguards on emissions from heavy-duty vehicles.

Ask the EPA to move quickly and finalize these new safeguards by the end of the year!  

Ask the EPA to set the strongest possible heavy-duty vehicle pollution safeguards to protect communities of color.


Take Action

The EPA's process for submitting public comments can be difficult to navigate, so we created a tool that is completely editable for you to make your voice heard! We encourage you to add your story or make edits to the message body because personal comments are the most impactful. If you do not see a prompt to compose your message below, you may need to disable pop-up blockers on your browser to take action. 


What types of pollution do heavy duty trucks emit?

What are the health effects of exposure to pollution from heavy duty vehicle emissions?

            • 8,822 premature deaths

            • 3,728 heart attacks

            • 173,067 cases of respiratory symptoms

            • 2,063 asthma-induced visits to the ER

            • $98 billion public health costs to the economy

            • 516,704 lost work days

How is climate change related to pollution from heavy duty vehicles?

Will enacting strong pollution limits on heavy duty vehicle emissions hurt the economy, auto workers, or manufacturers?​​

             • Create market certainty for the at least 70 electric truck and bus models that are currently available and for the number of                        manufacturers that have committed to making several new models commercially available over the next decade.

             • Create jobs, including careers in industries that will support zero vehicle emissions deployment such as charging infrastructure                 and utilities.


I have additional questions; who can I talk to?

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