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Abby Novinska-Lois, MPH, CPH

Executive Director

Abby Novinska-Lois is a dynamic leader at the intersection of public health, environmental science, and communication. Abby holds a Masters in Public Health with a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Women's Health from the University of Utah School of Medicine, a Bachelors in Environmental Science and Certificate in Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Graphic Design certificate from Madison College.

Following her Bachelors, Abby began her career as a published UW-Madison Extension Researcher focused on integrated pest management solutions and pollinators in Wisconsin agriculture. Through close collaboration with growers across the state, Abby recognized the critical need for community-based advocacy and scientific communication to address health concerns, such as pesticide exposure. In response to this realization, Abby transitioned to become a Communications Specialist for the Wisconsin Environmental Health Network and an Outreach Specialist for the Global Health Institute. 

Abby played a pivotal role in the launch of Healthy Climate Wisconsin (HCW) in 2020, first known as Wisconsin Health Professionals for Climate Action. Serving as its inaugural Executive Director, Abby leads the charge in mobilizing health professionals to address climate-related health challenges. Her visionary leadership has been instrumental in building a network of professionals dedicated to safeguarding both environmental and community well-being. Her work has been recognized on the national level, with several invitations to major medical conferences and the White House.

She additionally serves on the Steering Committee for the Clean Economy Coalition of Wisconsin, the Fossil Free for Health Coalition, the Wisconsin Climate Table, and the Climate and Health Communications Collaborative. 

Abby finds joy in artistic expression and spending time outdoors, with a love for painting, gardening, hiking, biking, and camping. 


Abby Novinska-Lois, MPH, CPH
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